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Country House Goods
Summer is coming! Soon everyone will start complaining about noise and dust, the best way to escape from which has always been a rest at the country house. We have selected the necessary accessories for such rest, entertainment and games.
  • Kids
    Lots of games, swimming pool, great opportunities to discover around! In short, summer is the time to make the best childhood memories.
  • Entertainment
    Loud music, swimming pool, games in the circle of friends which are more fun at the country house, closer to nature.
  • Comfort
    There are many products that make life easier, the existence of which we do not even suspect, but the Chinese site gives the opportunity to purchase them.
  • Barbecue
    And of course, it wouldn't be а summer vacation without barbecue! Here you will find devices and almost all necessary accessories.
Before purchasing, please, remember!
  • About the prohibited goods imported from China.
    You can see the list in the address section on personal Onex page.
  • Only legal entities can order wholesale equipment and a number of prohibited goods.
Necessary Goods for Summer House
Unlike AliExpress, AliBaba ships in China, so you can order to either a China address or a US address (we recommend ordering to a China address, it will be faster). To get an address, you need to register on ONEX.GE in advance, if you have not registered yet.
1․ First you need to register on
It is advisable to indicate the China address, for couriers to get to you faster.
Fill in your personal details in the remaining required fields. You can have a separate email address for Alibaba because you will receive quite a lot of emails from it. In the address fields, enter the warehouse data in China from the address part of your Onex page.
If you don't have a company to fill in the appropriate field, no problem, you can simply enter your name and continue.
2․ After the registration, you need to look for a suitable seller
When you search for the right product in the search box, you will see many sellers providing the same service. You can distinguish them in several ways:
  • Check the availability of Trade Assurance, through which orders will be insured (insurance can be seen on a separate product page);
  • Check the status of the seller, for example, Verified Supplier, which will confirm that the seller is more reliable;
  • Checking the period of activity of the seller on the Alibaba platform: sellers who have been in the market for at least 3 years are trustworthy;
  • You should definitely pay attention to the price and the minimum order quantity (MOQ), it is the minimum quantity of the given product that the seller is willing to sell in one order. Depending on that, the price may change.
You can also install Trade Assurance, Verified Supplier and MOQ on the left in the filter section.
3. Time to choose the right product
After making sure that the seller is reliable, we proceed to the choice of goods. We open a separate product page and study the details. That is where we see the data on the quality of the goods (size, color, type of printing, product material, weight, etc.).
On the pages of some products there are design sections (customize), where we can choose and design the appearance of the product ourselves by uploading an image and adding text.
If there is no such section, it's okay. In any case, you need to contact the seller to make a purchase. We agree оn the final form, quantity, delivery and other issues directly by communicating with the seller through correspondence.
4․ Time to contact the seller
As we can see, no product on the site has a "Buy" button. So, we need to contact the seller to find out all the details available and not available on the site, and make a purchase. To do this, on the product page there is a button "Contact Supplier". When you click on it, a window appears where we start the correspondence. Through correspondence, we agree not only on the form and quantity of goods, but also on the terms of delivery.
Often, sellers provide mockups for product design, but sometimes you need to find a suitable mockup and shape it yourself.
As an address, we provide the address of the Onex warehouse in China (optionally in the USA) and necessarily specify your personal code GA (for air order) or GM (for sea order).
5․ Buying samples
Even after all these steps, we still cannot be sure of the quality of the photos provided by the seller. Thus, we recommend ordering a sample before making a wholesale purchase. This can be done both through a special button on the product page (if available) and through correspondence with the seller. But since it concerns mass production, making one sample may require more effort, time and other resources, so the price of the sample may be higher.
Despite this fact, most sellers promise to include the sum paid for the sample in the total order price, if, of course, we decide to order from them.
We advise you to order several samples of the same product from different sellers to compare the quality.
In order not to wait a long time before the sample arrives in Georgia, you can order a Smart Service, and our warehouse staff will provide the necessary information as soon as the sample arrives at the warehouse.
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