Onex has been operating for almost 8 years and has overseas warehouses in 4 countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany and China. New directions are also expected in the future․
  • 310,000+ users
    More than 310,000 people trust us with the deliveries of their online purchases.
  • 1,800,000+ orders
    We have successfully delivered more than 1,800,000 orders
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Briefly, the process of online shopping is as follows:
To choose
Choose the product you like in any online store.
To sign up
Sign up on the website and fill in the necessary information.
To order
Specify the delivery address and attach a payment method (bank card, e-wallet or any other one).
That’s it!

The rest is done transparently. On your personal page, you can track where the order has arrived and how long it will take to be delivered.
Make 100 or more orders and get PRIME status with a number of benefits, as well as 10% cashback for each order!

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Online shopping has a number of advantages. Some of them are:
  • Credibility
    You can order products from the official websites of brands to be sure of their quality.
  • Selection
    It is obvious that the selection of any product on the Internet will be 10 times larger.
  • Savings
    It will be more profitable for you to order online than to buy the same product locally.
  • Speed
    Despite the large selection, you can quickly find the most suitable options for you with the help of active filters.
  • Transparency
    Many products have a detailed description and are presented with pictures. There are no websites, but a return mechanism. Besides, one can read the ratings and reviews of people who have purchased that particular product in the past.
We have an automated tracking system that speeds up the work taking several days.
Some of the items that you can purchase via ONEX
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